A Visit to Stundars Heritage Crafts Village

Sunday 15th July 2017 – This rather grey and showery day still managed to attract about 750 visitors to a special Handicraft Worker’s Day at the museum, including five coach loads of Brits and Americans from a cruise ship. Many artisans, in traditional costume, were demonstrating their skills within the setting of the collection of old cottages which comprise the basis of the museum. All of the buildings originate from the locale, many being saved at the last minute from demolition, and have been arranged in a way typical for a Swedish speaking village about 100 years ago.

The photos presented below are just a small selection, but give a good idea of the lifestyle back then, and the strong reliance on natural and readily available materials in every sphere of everyday life. In the background is the lovely old building which houses the shop and cafe, next to which is a children’s playground. Just out of sight to the right is a working museum printers’ shop. The yellow building to the right (and shown below) is Hemmer’s House, which is home to a restaurant (open on demand only), has beautifully furnished rooms and an exhibition center upstairs.

Hemmer’s House Entrance to the museum village area proper is past this booth.

In one of the cottages willow was being woven into a great variety of different products.

In the same cottage a lace worker creates beautiful work (presumably with great patience).

Here, traditional birch roofing tiles were being prepared and installed onto the roof of a nearby cottage.

This log-built storehouse is very typical of the region, and this one still has the roof made from poles. It is fortunate that such buildings can relatively easily be taken to pieces and re-assembled elsewhere.

Below are photos of the old village shop, with period furniture, counter and goods for sale within.

An elderly gentleman prepares decorative lace the old-fashioned way.

Below is one of two painters who were at work decorating a variety of containers, and another photo showing their wares.

Below are three pictures showing basket wares, a woman weaving on a frame loom, two spinners and one girl combing wool ready for spinning.

Below is a wood carver and his work.

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