Albert Edelfelt

Albert Gustaf Aristides Edelfelt (21 July 1854 – 18 August 1905) was a Finnish painter born in Porvoo, Finland. His father Carl Albert was an architect. Edelfelt admired the poet laureate Johan Ludvig Runeberg who was a friend of the family. The company of Runeberg had a lasting impact on Edelfelt, who from time to time turned to scenes from Finnish history in his paintings. Edelfelt went on to illustrate Runeberg’s epic poem The Tales of Ensign Stål. He studied art in Antwerp (1873 – 1874), Paris (1874 – 1878) and St. Petersburg (1881 – 1882).

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Boys on the Shore


Mother and Child

National Romanticism

On the Sea

The Little Boat

Under the Birches


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